petak, 22. svibnja 2015.

le roi est mort // 36 mountains post no. 3

<<<< my 36 Mountains notebook finished and still on view at Greta // beside the exhibitions, Festival offered various events like artist talks and presentations, me and few other selected artists drew and painted on 36 M shirts (for sale at Greta!) and tomorrow is closure party for the end of the festival. it was greta, sorry, great to be part of this project! >>>>>

two of 36M t-shirts I have painted on 
exhibition opening, photo by Jurana Hraste

subota, 28. ožujka 2015.

the steadfast tin soldier / bologna

i have finally completely finished illustrated book after H.C. Andersen's story ''The Steadfast Tin Soldier''. I did the whole thing, from illustrations, layout, to the binding, and I am quite pleased how the whole thing turned out looking in the end. also, i am very happy and proud to be participating in this years edition of Bologna Children's Book Fair with this book and original illustrations, as part of one of exhibitions presenting Croatian contemporary illustration. this will be my first visit to bologna and the fair, and i'm even more honored because i'm still a student and it is a really big thing for me to have an opportunity to present myself and see and learn new things, since these are still my very beginnings in the field of illustration.

nedjelja, 15. ožujka 2015.

36 mountains

i am very happy to announce that i'll be taking part of this years edition of the 36 Mountains project.
this is it's third edition and i am one of 20 chosen artists from all around the world that will get  concertina sketchbook made by Lega-Lega specially for this project and fill it up with drawings during two months period. this sketchbooks will then be shown on exhibition in Greta gallery (Zagreb) in May  2015.